About Us

From its inception in 2007, Ujwal Carpet Udhyog has established itself as a premier carpet manufacturer of Nepal. Created with the aim of establishing the “Nepali quality” and “Nepali way” of rug making in the world, the company has always focused on serving its customers by offering reasonable prices without compromising on quality. The company has its own factories around various locations of Kathmandu, where about 110 full time employees work to produce some of the finest carpets, the country can produce.


Backed by technologically advanced design and communications facilities and with the use of software like Galaincha, Ujwal Carpet Udhyog focuses on providing a quality product in a timely manner. We have strong partnership ties with creative technological companies, such as Alternative Technology, and we always strive to make our rug-making process more innovative, day after day and order after order.


We are an active member of organizations like ECON, Central Carpet Association and Good Weave Foundation. We advocate for workplace safety and believe that a healthy and safe workplace enables employees to be more productive. We provide first aid services at all of our factories and we strictly follow all possible safety precautions at every workplace to prevent any accidents or mishaps. We also apply all possible measures to ensure that our product remains free of any form of child labor.


Ujwal Carpet specializes in customized carpet manufacturing. At Ujwal Carpet, we place our highest priority on quality and time, while maintaining the finest professional relationship possible with our customers. For us, a customer order is not a one-time opportunity for business. Therefore, we maintain an active communication with our customers, from the very beginning of their design inquiry, through manufacturing and delivery so that the customer always stays updated about their rug. Our team of designers, dyers, weavers and washers, as well as each and every member of our company, is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.


Feel free to communicate with us about any inquiries you might have regarding design and our overall weaving process.